Bears Kept Stealing farmer’s Honey So He Turns Them Into Taste Testers

Bears really love honey and there is no denying this fact. According to scientists, bears have their sweetness receptors on the taste buds, and that is due to their flexible diets.

It might be very cute to watch bears eating honey but it might give a person sleepless nights who is trying to save the honey. A group of bears became the regular visitors at a bee farm and the farmer did his best to keep the bears away but it did not work as the bears kept coming.

Ibrahim Sedef is a beekeeper and who lives in Trabzon, Turkey.  He works as an agricultural engineer in beekeeping.  He really had a very difficult time keeping the bears away from the hives.

He closed the hives with metal cages and even tried to distract the bears by keeping other food out. But nothing of these worked. Then he decided to learn more about the bears by setting cameras on his farm. And he thought of an amazing plan.

Instead of keeping the bears away from the honey, he decided on something different. He put it to learn what the bears wanted the most. A table that was having four different types of honey was put to see which the bears enjoyed the most.

It appeared like the bears love the smell of Anzer honey because they would taste it first. They did not bother about the cherry blossom honey.

That’s really interesting to know about the quality of the honey as the bears would not lie about the taste.