Teenager jumped into the lake to rescue a drowning dog of a helpless disabled woman

Summer has come and so the vacations. People are touring new places and enjoying their holidays. It is the time to relax and people had their bucket lists to do during their free time.

But sometimes we end up with things, we never expected to witness. Like this teenage boy who was vacationing in Wales and he did something which he never thought to do there as it was not on his to-do list.

The teenage boy rescued a dog’s life. His, this inspiring act, was shared by Jane Warner who was the owner of the 7-year-old Shih-Tzu named Charlie.

The incident goes like this, Charlie was on a trip to the Penllergare Valley Woods and there he decided to chase some ducks. As it was the first time, he ran after the ducks, it landed him in trouble. Charlie jumped into the lake to follow the ducks but soon he was trapped in the water.

As he went further and further, he got himself stuck in the reeds and he struggled to keep himself afloat. His owner Jane was disabled, so she could not jump into the water to help the dog. She was helplessly standing on the shore thinking what to do.

Suddenly a stranger came into the scene and jumped into the lake to save the dog. It was not that easy but the teen successfully swam out and reached Charlie. He freed the dog from the reed and safely led it to the shore.

According to Jane, the boy was completely shaken up as it was a tough swim than he had expected and Jane felt she was really grateful to the boy for saving his dog’s life. The boy Connor did a great job of rescuing the dog. As if the boy was not there, the dog would have in serious trouble.

Jane shared this story on the Facebook and she did not the name of the boy but she wanted to give full credit for what he had done. She wrote, “This young Scottish lad is my hero.”

Soon her story went viral, and she learned about the boy’s identity. The boy’s name is Connor Telford who is 17 years old from Dundee, Scotland. She also got to know that it was the first day of his first visit to Whales.

It was really an eventful and exhausting day for him. Though he was not a good swimmer yet he jumped into the lake without thinking of his own safety. He was completely shaken and physically sick but thankfully the teen has now recovered.

Thank you Connor for saving the dog. You are a hero.