Raccoon Still Comes Back To Visit The Woman, Who Saved Him 3 Years Later

Though Raccoons are not very social creatures yet if, given the proper environment, they too develop a bond with the humans.

Like this raccoon which was found on the side of the road and it seemed that life was not very bright for him. Even when it was rescued, the odds were not in his favor as no place was found safe for him in the nearby wildlife rehabs.

But he was helped by a wildlife rescue volunteer, Nikki Robinson. It is said that when asked about what should be done with an orphaned raccoon, the reply is to leave it alone and nature will take its course. Robinson was not convinced and decided to help the raccoon.

The kind woman decided to save the animal and did everything possible to save that little animal. But the problem was that she was working long hours and most of the time, she was not even at her home. So she asked help from her retired mother who might have loved the company of the baby raccoon.

So Nikki’s mom and the animal met each other and they were quite inseparable. According to Robinson, the first time she fed the raccoon with the bottle and he looked up at her, she was melted. She treated him very sweetly and they created a bond.

Due to the efforts of Nikki’s mother, the raccoon recovered during the next few months and finally, he was ready to go back into the wild. The woman was so much connected to the raccoon that even when he was released in the wild, she kept some food in the backyard.

Raccoon is grateful to the woman who looked after him and visits her from time to time though it is been three years since they first met. Every day she sits outside and waits for him. He will visit her and this makes her day. He wanted his snuggle and took his food and then went away.

Their love and bonding melt our hearts.