Left behind dog which lived at Auto shop for 8 months was finally rescued

Whenever we own a pet, we should be confident of taking full care of it. If ever we find ourselves in a helpless situation, we should be kind enough to contact a shelter house to ask for help.

But some people are very careless that they don’t even bother to leave behind their pets. This type of action actually puts the animal at great risk.

One such incident came to light where a poor dog was left living in the auto shop for eight months since her former owners moved out. The rescue team of Hope For Paws for informed about the matter and they arrived to help the dog.

Thankfully, the dog was not in a bad condition and she happily received the treats which were brought for her. But as the weather was very hot, she went back to her place. Being a shy type, she kept some distance from the rescuers and stayed under the car for some time.

The rescue team had to wait for some time to gain her confidence and at last, they got her in the cage. She looked relieved as if she knew she was in safe hands. The auto shop employees helped them carry the crate into the car, and then they brought her to CARES for a medical evaluation.

She was named Blue Bayou and she brought to the shelter. She was covered in motor oil and needed a good bath. She enjoyed her bath a lot as it was the first time that she received such gentle care.

As time passed by, Blue Bayou became more active and sociable. She played joyfully with her friends and she looked very happy. She fully deserved what she got.watch video