Man jumps into moat to save drowning chimp when zoo staff refuse

You can be a hero anytime and to anybody. You don’t need special powers to do so. Only your selflessness and bravery can earn you this title.

Like Rick Swope, who became a hero for the chimpanzee whose life he saved by diving into the moat. The incident is like this. It was a normal day at the Detroit Zoo where the chimpanzee exhibit is surrounded by spectators on all sides.

Two chimpanzees were playfully chasing each other when one of the chimpanzees slipped into the muddy moat and it soon started drowning in the moat. As the chimpanzee’s bodies are not designed to have the natural buoyancy in water, so it started struggling.

The staff of the zoo refused to go near the chimpanzee as they were afraid of the aggressive tendencies of the territorial chimps in the colony.

Suddenly a man named Rick Swope jumped into the enclosure and then into the moat to save the chimpanzee as he could not hold himself back seeing the pitiful sight of the struggling chimp. But the murky water of the moat made it quite impossible for him to locate the chimpanzee.

The crowd got excited watching the bravery of Rick and they started cheering him. They even guided him to reach the chimp. When he got the chimp back safely, the family of the chimp was very grateful and he came back unharmed.

This brave and selfless act of Rick won everyone’s heart. People should be more kind towards the animals.