In order to save Turtle stuck on train tracks, Conductor stops the train

Animals follow the same path for many years. But due to the laying of the railway tracks and the construction of roads, human beings have obstructed their paths, making it difficult for them to follow their path.

Due to this, sometimes they get themselves stuck in places they shouldn’t be and in order to get out, they need some helping hand from human beings. It gives great pleasure to know that some people really go out of their way to help the animals in need.

The same thing happened recently when a man stopped a train to save a turtle’s life. Serhat Topal drives a streetcar in Turkey. One day he was on his normal route when he noticed something strange on the railway tracks, it was a turtle.

According to Serhat, the turtle was trying to cross the tracks towards the countryside but he was struck and scared. Then Serhat did something to help the turtle: he stopped the train, got out, and went to help the turtle.

He took the turtle up, saving it from being run over by any other train, and kept it on the other side of the fence. Serhat said that the turtle was healthy and it walked away happily.

Serhat did the right thing at the right time but nobody who is traveling by train appreciates a sudden delay. But as Turkey is known for its love for stray animals, people appreciated what Serhat did to help the animal. Everyone was happy because Serhat helped.

All living beings are our friends and everybody should consider it their duty to help the animals in need. We really appreciate what Serhat did to help the turtle.