Couple’s maternity shoot photo bombed by Laughing Horse

Photoshoot sessions with our loved ones are really great way to celebrate memorable occasions like engagement, marriage, and pregnancy announcements. We want these photos to be perfectly staged and perfectly photogenic but sometimes some photos though they are not perfectly timed or maybe photo bombed are the ones that become very memorable.

Sometimes the surprise appearance of an animal truly makes it very funny. This happened recently when a horse decided to pose for the camera and in this, he actually turned out to be a show-stealer.

The incident goes like this- a mom-to-be, Amanda Eckstein, from Indiana wanted to shoot for her maternity with her partner and so she hired a photographer Kristen Zaffiro to take their photos.

As the shoot was going on, the couple decided to get their horses in a few of the shots. It took some time for Kristen to get the perfect shot with the horses. The horses were not standing the way they wanted them to stand and at last, they got one horse, Buckshot to pose perfectly.

Now only thing required was that she needed the horse to look happy and Kristen recalled telling the horse to smile and she never expected that the horse to actually listen but the horse, Buckshot listened and he posed with a huge hilarious smile for the camera.

Kristen further said that after that funny photos kept coming as when she laughed, the horse smiled more. In one of the pics, the horse is laughing with his mouth wide open. As the horse steals the show, the couple too enjoyed this and they enjoyed this.

According to Kristen that was the best maternity session ever shot. Those photos have gone viral and even delighted the people with over 200,000 shares on Facebook.

The photos were actually very funny. This maternity shoot is to be remembered for long with that photogenic horse.