Tiger becomes friend with the goat which was given to it as food

It is not always necessary that predators can eat their prey. Sometimes they could even become friends with their live food instead of eating it. People might have doubts regarding it but it actually happens.

Friendship has no limitations or barriers even in the world of animals. It can beat all the odds of this world. So this is something that happens in the case of Amur the tiger and Timur the goat in Primorye Safari Park.

Timur was presented before Amur as live food and placed in his cage but nothing happened as expected by the zookeepers.

Something strange happened and that is that both the predator and the prey became friends. It so happened that Timur the prey was to be afraid of the Tiger but it was not. So what happened was that Amur gave up. So a beautiful friendship started between the amazing animals.

Their special bond made even the caretakers astonished. It was not like Amur had given up eating flesh, he still ate live animals. The tiger had never behaved in that manner before.

These odd friends like each other’s company a lot and they spend time together. They played, walked, and had fun together.

At last, Timur passed away and their beautiful friendship came to an end. But it truly was a unique friendship and it appealed to everyone.