Dog Digs 20 Foot Tunnel To Protect Her Puppies From cold and Predators

Dogs have a very unique ability to survive. They are ready to face a difficult situation and have great intuition. For babies, they are very possessive and they could go to any extent for the safety of their little ones.

They could invent new methods to make them safe and secure. Here is an interesting story of an abandoned mama dog who lived in Hockley County Texas and her name is Cedar. She made a unique effort to keep her babies safe.

Cedar gave birth in mid of February but after that, it became extremely cold there. But the dog was very smart as it designed the house in a very unique way. At first, she dug out 4 and a half downwards and then made another 20 foot long curved tunnel.

It would help Cedar hide her puppies from predators. The tunnel was large enough to give warmth to the whole family. But she was starving and she needed food.

Fortunately, someone saw her and called Sallie Morris owner of Morris Safe House which is in the South Plains. Without thinking Morris prepared some food and brought it to the place where Cedar was living with her puppies. Cedar was not afraid of people and she ran towards her.

Now Morries started bringing food for Cedar every day and she was trying to win her trust. One day she heard the cries of a puppy but Cedar did not allow her to go near her puppies. At last, Morris was able to bring the tiny puppy out and she took it to the Safe House.

Morries soon found out that there were three more puppies there. The puppies were still in the tunnel that Cedar made for them. The tunnel was so small that the rescuers could not go inside the tunnel. But somehow they were able to save the puppies and even Cedar was brought to the Safe House.

Now the family lives happily in the safe house and we hope that they would have a lasting happy life.