In order to save the horse boy jumps into freezing canal

Animal lovers can go to any extent to rescue the animal. It does not matter to them whether the conditions are appropriate or not. They will do anything for the safety of their beloved pet and age is just a number when we talk about it.

Here is the story of a brave hero named Cameron Martin who is only 13 years old but what he did was exceptionally good. He is from Lowestoft, North England.

One day this boy happened to visit his farm at the Midspirit in Burgh Castle when he saw a horse named Domino who was struggling to come out of the canal.

The boy without thinking of anything jumped into the freezing cold water to save the horse from drowning. The brave boy spent nearly one hour in the freezing cold water to help the horse keep his head up. He waited till the help arrived.

For this act, the boy is hailed as a hero. According to the boy, as he was walking to the field to see his pony, he noticed that one of the owner’s horses was not at the place where it used to be.

So he panicked and started looking for the horse. The first thing he checked was the dyke and he saw the horse in the water. The boy said after seeing this, he did what he found was appropriate.

Tanya Docwra Smith who is the owner of the farm as well as she looked after the boy said that she started to panic when she did not find him there. So they started searching for him.

The woman said that the boy kept jumping back in the water and out again as he was trying to keep Domino’s head out of the water to prevent him from drowning.

When they found out what was happening, Tanya called for help and the life of the horse was saved. The horse was taken to the hot bath. It was Cameron’s efforts that saved the life of the horse.

Cameron knew very well how to handle the horses and this knowledge helped him to save the life of the horse. Though he was shaking after the rescue yet he was happy as he was able to save the life of the horse.

He himself admitted that he was exhausted and slept for 24 hours. This heroic act of the boy earned him a lot of attention and appreciation. We thank and salute the boy for this act.