Visually impaired and deaf dog stuck in drainage pipe rescued by firefighters

Rescue stories of animals that end successfully always make one happy and satisfied. Everyone loves a happy ending so it does not matter what has happened in between. After all ‘All’s well that ends well.

This particular story is of a dog who was visually impaired and deaf. The dog got stuck in a drainage pipe and firefighters came and rescued the dog and handed it to its parent in Florida, USA. St Johns County Fire Rescue got a call from the parent of the dog informing that their dog was stuck in a drainage pipe.

As the dog was blind and deaf, it mistakenly went outside the house and ended up getting stuck in the drainage pipe. When the family did not find it inside, it went outside to look for the dog and found it stuck in the drainage pipe.

The fire rescue member said that they got a call from the parent that their visually impaired and deaf dog went outside the house and was missing. They later found it in a drainage pipe and called for help.

Engine 14, Squad 4, and USAR 4 came and located the dog at the center of the drainage pipe.  It took 2 hours for the crew to free the dog. The dog was frightened and tired but it did not receive any injury. He was elated when he was united with his family.

Ever since this post was shared on Facebook, people are thanking the firefighters for their efforts. They are being hailed as heroes.Thank you to all of you who were engaged in the rescue of the dog. You all deserve praise and appreciation.