Congratulations! Los Angeles for becoming the ‘No Kill’ shelter city

Adopt, no shop, this is what people are taught when they are looking for a new pet. There are hundreds of rescue pets looking for a forever home and shelters are doing their best to look after them

The harsh reality is that not many of these rescued animals are adopted and unfortunately many unwanted animals have to be put down. Around 6.5 million animals are taken to shelters and 1.5 million of these animals are euthanized (put an animal to death humanely) which is very shocking.

But now the good news is that the kill rate has come down over the past decade. There are many reasons for this including microchips which help the lost pets to be united with their owners, also there is an increase in pet adoptions and animal activists want to make shelters ‘no- kill’.

Now more and more areas have gone completely ‘ no kill’ with states like Delaware and Michigan. Now Los Angeles has achieved this amazing status of ‘no-kill’ . The Best Friends Animal Society had launched an initiative nine years ago. It was called No Kill’ Los Angeles.

It is to be mentioned here that they are the biggest city in the US to achieve this. The Best Friends Animal Society member Julie Castle felt that it was actually a huge thing to happen as Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the US and it has become no kill’.

This victory could be described as a proud and long waited for victory for the No Kill’ Los Angeles group.