Vet sleeps next to the dog who was hurt in fire to comfort him

Sometimes the injured animals need love more than medicines. They love to get comforted by humans. Love can heal any injury. So this dog miraculously escaped a fire but he suffered some serious burns from the fire. Fortunately, a kind person rushed him to a vet clinic in time and his life was saved.

The dog named Taka is an 8-year-old Shiba Inu. He got trapped in a fire that nearly cost his life. He was burned seriously when he was taken to the Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

He was taken to the hospital by the neighbor. When he arrived, Emily Martin, a vet at the clinic said that they knew that they had to act fast to save the poor dog’s life.

Though they succeeded in saving his life, he had to stay sometime at the clinic for a full recovery. Emily who saved the life of the dog began to grow fond of the dog and they became very close to each other. She said that she treated all her patients all the same but this time she was much attached to that dog.

She said that when he came, he was screaming from pain, he had burns around his eyes, his mouth, his ears, his belly. But he calmed down as one sat with him and sang to him.

As Taka needed some more time to recover so his family agreed to make him stay at the clinic. But as the clinic was not opened at night, Emily knew it would be difficult for the dog to stay there whole night all alone. So she decided to take Taka to her home overnight.

As Taka was not well, Emily remained awoke the whole night to look after Taka. So when she came to work the next day, she was very tired. During the break, she just went into Tata’a kennel and lay down next to him, and slept.

The way she was sleeping next to Tata was very touching and one of her coworkers took a very emotional photo of the two. Emily said that she was up with him all night at her house so she was very much exhausted. She got so much attached to Taka that she thought of adopting him. At home, she has her five rescue dogs. We wish that Taka may get well soon.