Mom gets a special visit from a real life Bambi (deer) in the final days

Animals bring solace and comfort when we are distressed. Their companionship is something, an animal lover wants at the end of her life. So this woman who was on her death bed got a very special visit from her favorite animal. Lisa McDonald and her sister have been looking after their mother who has been in palliative care.

As these were the final days of their mother, they were looking for some ways to make them special. They knew that their mother was obsessed with the Disney film, Bambi.

According to Lisa, her mother has Bambi statues everywhere and she was even wearing a Bambi T-shirt in her bed. She further said that all of them are wearing Bambi T-shirts and they call them their nursing uniforms.

As the health of their mother was not improving, they decided to give her a surprise with a very special visit from a real-life Bambi- an actual deer. As the deer entered the room, the old woman was overjoyed with surprise. The deer which came there was also called Bambi and it came from a petting farm operated by a couple named Chris and Simone.

The deer was orphaned and it was under the care of the couple. According to Lisa, they paid a special visit by driving two hours from Melbourne only to bring some joy to the deer-loving old woman.

Lisa was very grateful to them for what they have done for their family. The visit was worth as the deer’s visit had an unforgettable and heartwarming impression on their mother’s mind.

The mom gently pets the real-life Bambi from her bed. The joy that Bambi has given to her can’t be expressed and it was certainly a highlight of her final days. Lisa further informs that her mother will be cremated in one of her Bambi shirts. We are so happy that the woman got this much joy from the visit of the animal.