Puppy sees people enjoying waterslide and he can’t resist and joins them

Even dogs look for fun to chill out. They enjoy a splash of sliding down waterslides. Here is a dog who can’t hold himself in enjoying the slide as he watches people taking slides.


The dog really had the time of his life. The name of the good dog is Bento and he knows how to enjoy himself. The golden retriever puppy went out with his owners at the beach in Brazil and encountered a source of amusement that he had never seen before.

People had set up a waterslide on a steep sandy slope by which riders were sliding into the ocean. It is not for the faint of heart and they will not try it. But Bento is a really brave heart.

When he saw the people were having fun, he too wanted to try it. As he did it once, he could not hold himself from trying it again.

Bento’s owner said that anyone who is having doubts about who had the most fun on vacation should watch Bento doing it. The dog really had a great time and he loved it a lot.

As summers are there, the dog could stop himself from having fun in the water.