Panther abandoned by mother now lives happily with human mother and Rottweiler

It is natural that some animal mothers reject their babies at birth. There are so many reasons for this. But the problem is that the rejected offspring finds it very difficult to survive on its own and it needs some external help.

The same happened with this sweet panther who got herself in a difficult situation after getting rejected shortly after birth. She was all alone in a Siberian zoo when a kind woman and her dog came forward to help the panther.

The name of the panther is Luna. At present, Luna lives a wonderful life surrounded by happiness with the woman who saved her life and the Rottweiler who is her best friend.

However, her life was not very easy in the beginning when she was rejected by her mother at the time of her birth. At that time, it was not possible for her even to survive. But at the time, this woman came and saved her life.

The name of the woman is Victoria who had earlier also raised and cared for other wild cats. She grew very fond of Luna and decided to help her. So she started visiting the zoo every day to hand feed and care for the lovely panther.

After panther grew strong and healthy, she decided to adopt her. She bought the panther from the zoo and took her home.

At first, Victoria was doubtful as she was having Venza-  a lovely dog and she was having this fear that maybe both won’t get along too well. But she was proved wrong as they were inseparable since they met. Both are great friends now and they love to play together.

Luna is now 10 months old and she is very spoiled. Victoria shares the pictures of Luna and Venza on TikTok and Instagram and they both are very famous there. These two furry buddies are extremely adorable.