Stray puppy desperate for shelter finds warmth and comfort in a nativity scene

There are many stray dogs who are living on the streets and are fending for themselves. But they always have this hope that someday they will be getting permanent homes. With this hope, they pass every day.

But now at this time of the year when the temperatures are dropping a lot, they felt very helpless as they want warmth. Many of the dogs are in serious danger due to the bitter cold. They are left with nothing to keep themselves warm on the streets.

According to ASPCA,  there are around 4 million stray dogs in the US alone. We can feel how much they are suffering due to cold weather.

Stray dogs are looking for warm places to protect them in harsh winters. They are taking shelters in unusual places like this poor puppy who ends up in a Christmas nativity scene to get some comfy sleep.

The German Shepherd curled up against the baby Jesus to keep himself warm. The dog was noticed by everyone. It took place in the city of Santa Catarina, in Brazil, and people were very much impressed by it. The scene perfectly describes the Christmas spirit.

This heartwarming scene was witnessed by many people. Though it is not confirmed someone in the crowd decided to adopt the poor dog and offer him a nice and warm forever home.

Every dog is special and needs love and care. They need to be looked after and provided with everything they deserve.

We hope that the German Shepherd may get adopted and has a happy place to live which he can call home. We hope that he gets a loving family that looks after him and makes sure all his needs are being met.