Baby elephant saved from riding camp gets excited about touching water for the first time

Elephants are very social that we all know. They used to live in large herds and travel together. As they drink water, they also like to play with water.

But all these things are taken away from them when they are taken as captives on riding camp. One such elephant is BunMa and her baby Chaba. They work for an elephant riding camp in Chiang Mai in Thailand. BunMa’s main work there was to please visitors- riding bikes, paint images, or doing circus.

Conserve Elephant Foundation which came to know about the plight of Chaba and her mother, decided to help the elephant. They were able to get the consent of the camp and then they decided to transfer the elephant and the baby to Elephant Nature Park by truck. BunMa did not get on the truck as she did not want to get separated from her kid.

So the elephants were walked to the park and there they were welcomed by a cake. There the baby elephant was given the first bath and the baby was on the moon when she touched the water. The baby elephant’s excitement on touching water for the first time was truly enchanting and jubilant.

The baby liked the water and she liked wallowing in the water. There at the camp, the baby did not enjoy being in the water and that’s she was really overjoyed.

At the park, their life is full of pleasure which is in stark contrast to their life in the camp. Elephants should not used for riding and for the entertainment of the tourists.

We are happy that the mother and the baby are rescued. They are happy there in the park where the baby enjoys the splash in the pool and the mother takes pleasure in some delicious fruit video