Meet the colorful Malabar giant squirrel, people feel that it is unreal

All animals are unique in their own way. Some people are fascinated by squirrels. Though they are not particularly exotic or interesting animals, yet they are very cute.

This cuteness is taken to another level if you venture into the forest of India. There the squirrel can actually take your breath away.

The squirrels which you find here are quite different from the ones you see in your neighborhood climbing trees, this animal is so colorful that it does not look real.

The fur of these animals can be found in different shades like brown and orange and maroon and purple colors and these colors are rarely found in other mammals.

The important thing is that their color is not their drawback to attract the predators, but it actually helps them to survive. In the shaded understory of dense forest, their colors help them to avoid detection. In the sunlight only you can see their true beautiful colors and pelage.

They are not only colorful but also the largest in the world. They can grow up to 10 inches to 1 foot 8 inches with an even longer tail.

It is very difficult to locate them as they live in the forests of India, jumping from tree to tree and never coming down. They are known to be very shy.

Though their population is quite well yet they could be threatened by deforestation. But John Koprowski feels that these squirrels always find a way of surviving.

These squirrels are quite adaptive and seem to tolerate human presence. They are part of a group of ancient squirrels. They have survived many years which is a good thing.

Really, what an amazing creature! This is quite fascinating to know that squirrels can be so stunning.