This pawsome wolfdog loves to accompany his dad on adventures.

Mixed breed dogs really amaze us a lot. No one can beat them in cuteness. They are unique in their appearance and personality. One such dog is Loki, which is an Arctic wolf, husky and malamute mix and he is really very awesome. This handsome giant dog loves to accompany his dad on adventures.

He is really energetic and playful and these qualities bring smiles to the people around him. Loki is very fond of his dad and follows him wherever he goes. He turns out to be a perfect travel partner for his dad and he can’t hide the excitement on his face.

His dad, Kelly is an outdoor adventure professional and his duty requires him to visit new and adventurous places. He is very lucky to have such a wolfdog as a trustful friend. Both of them are the best travel partners for each other. They both love exploring new places.

They both enjoy themselves a lot during these trips and they never miss to take photos together. Kelly likes to share these pictures on Loki’s Instagram account and they are liked by millions of people around the world. The dog already has more than 2 million followers.

Visit his instagram account to see the photos, really they are cute companions. No one would like to miss any trip if one has such lovely partners. We wish them many more journeys together and lots of fun and happiness.