Wild horse Runs to reunion with his Girlfriend after years apart

When we first get to see someone whom we love, after a long time, what will be our reaction? Of course, it will be an emotional moment for us. In the same way, horses also experience a wide range of feelings and emotions like we humans.

Horses have the ability to feel loss and sadness and joy and connection. Recently a video went viral which captured the emotions of a horse when he met the one he loved after a long gap. Though it is uncommon in the animal world yet wild horses have lifetime partners. So they share a great family connection and that is the reason why this reunion was so emotional.

The name of the horse is Phoenix which is a wild horse and he lived on a farm where he was trained. It was his photo that brought a happy ending to their story. One woman saw a picture of Phoenix jumping over the barricade and decided to adopt him. Phoenix is a lively horse with a great future.

After the woman had gone through the other photos of the horse, she noticed that the horse was never alone and he had a friend who was always there on his side. But when she went to the farm to meet Phoenix, she did not see the mare there.

After bringing him home, she even got some other horses to see if Phoenix would make some friends. As horses are very social so it was important that he was socialized correctly into the herd. But Phoenix was not able to make friends with the other horses and did not connect with them.

The woman was able to make out that the horse was not happy and he looked sad. Earlier Phoenix had lost his entire family when he was at the previous farm. In that famous picture when he jumped the fence, he did not run away but looked for ways to help his family. In spite of his efforts, he lost his family.

After two years, the woman was sent the photo of a horse and it looked like the same horse that was on Phoenix’s original farm. She compared both the photos and found that it was the same horse.

She immediately went to bring that horse. She named that horse Ghost and let her to her farm. As Ghost entered, she whinnied and within few seconds, Phoenix came galloping as he heard his friend.

The two horses ran towards each other and had a lover’s reunion. The woman was touched by their reunion. Now they are very happy and are always together.