Faithful German shepherd turns up as a protector of orphaned baby deer

It is wonderful to know how loyal and protective dogs can be. They are so helpful that they never shy away from helping someone in need from people to other dogs.

It becomes even more surprising and inspiring to see them protect another animal. We love seeing different species bonding up together like here this dog who has become best friends with an injured deer.

The name of the dog is Sarge who is a nine-year-old German shepherd and he got a very unexpected sibling that is an orphaned fawn. The fawn was brought home by its owner Cheryl Stephen who found it lying on the road.

It greatly surprised Cheryl when the dog immediately stepped up to care for the poor baby deer whom they named Buckwheat.

According to Cheryl the dog wanted to be involved with every aspect of Buckwheat’s care, it looked like he took on the role of being his guardian. As the deer grew up and it was back on his feet, Sarge was very happy to take him around and even the dear considered him like his big brother.

After the deer was fully grown up,  it became clear that he no longer needed Sarge’s help and he was ready to return to the wild.

Though buckwheat is in the wild now yet Sarge had plenty of deer to take care of. Cheryl continues to bring and rehabilitate injured and orphaned deer in and the dog was always eager to help them.

According to Cheryl whenever she walked carrying a fawn, Sarge just came into action and he wanted to check them over and see their condition. Even the fawns are drawn to him. Thank you, Sarge, for being such a smart and loving dog and always looking after the baby deer.