Left alone in the forest with all his belongings, a puppy waits for someone to see him

Sometimes life seems to be quite unfair for many. Many face difficulties in the early stage of their life. But as there is evil there is good also. Here is a story of a little puppy who suffered a great setback. The name of the puppy was Hank and he was only 8 months old when he was left alone in the Woods.

His loneliness can be seen on his face as he stayed still on an old and worn out dog bed. The dog didn’t run around in the forest but he remained where he was and sat with his old toys and a sealed bag of dog food which he was unable to open. He seemed so disappointed that he was not affected by the stranger coming near to him.

His face showed his feelings and he was in a desperate need for help. The Good Samaritan who spotted the puppy in the Woods, soon conveyed the message to a local animal shelter. The animal shelter immediately sent staff members to save the puppy.

At first the members were really worried that the dog might attack them but the dog behaved in a very different manner. It seemed the dog was actually waiting for someone to rescue him. According to Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, the dog had been nothing but love from the moment they got him.

Everybody complimented that he was the sweetest dog. It really breaks one’s heart to know how much an animal has to suffer for no fault of his own. We are happy that Hank is in safe hands now.