Loyal dog gave company and kept safe missing five year old boy with down syndrome

When it comes to young kids, dogs are very reliable and they can protect kids. We came across many cases where kids were protected by their dogs. They tried to be on their side and did not leave them alone. A similar case happened recently when a five-year-old boy which has gone missing was found safe and sound, only thanks to his protective German Shepherd.

The Houston Police Department received a call about a young boy who was walking along the train track with only his dog to give him company. It was found by Sgt. Ricardo Salas that the boy was having Down syndrome and had gone half a mile from his home. The five-year-old boy was given company by a German Shepherd named Alejandro. The dog protected him.

Sgt.Salas told that the dog was with the little boy when they found him and the dog walked with him when they took the boy. According to him, the dog acted like his protector and angel. He further added that the dog was very protective and he found that something was up and knew that the child was not supposed to be wandering off and he ended up following him.

The dog was very protective and would not take his eye off the child. The dog remained very vigilant even when the officers came. He did not want to be away from the boy. According to Salas, the dog was following him everywhere but he was not barking. When the boy was put in the car, the dog jumped inside the driver’s seat with him.

After some time, they received another call and it was found that the name of the boy was Jose who went missing. According to the boy’s mother, Jasmine Martinez, they were taking a nap and when she woke up the boy was not there. Luckily, the boy was safe and sound.

He was not having any injuries just minor scrapes. The family is happy and grateful that their loyal dog protected the boy. According to Jose’s sister, Samantha Munoz, Alejandro has always been a very overprotective dog since they got him, they got him when he was a baby.

She further said that she was not surprised that the dog was walking with the boy the whole time. Sgt. Salas said that he was moved by the level of loyalty that the dog had to that little boy. Hats off to Alejandro!