Owner wants her dog to be euthanized but there was huge secret hidden behind the dog’s purple fur

Many times animals suffer a lot for no fault of there. There are maltreated by human beings for their entertainment. At times the treatment meted out to animals and put humanity to shame. The same thing happened to a sweet little dog named Violet.

Violet was brought to a very famous and experienced vet Dr. Karri of the ‘Vet Ranch’ animal clinic. The small dog suffered from multiple bite wounds and was having purple fur. According to Violet’s owner, the little dog was attacked by a larger dog and she wanted the dog to be put down.

The purple color of the fur of the dog made the vet doubtful that maybe the dog might be used as a bait dog. It is quite common to color the bait dogs purple before using them to train fighting dogs. Violet’s owner said that the purple color of the fur was due to a purple wound spray that was applied to the wounds.

But Violet’s life was in serious danger as the wounds had festered due to medical negligence.  Dr. Karri wanted to save the dog’s life so she performed some intensive medical operations. In the difficult treatment to get rid of various infections and abscesses, she relied on heavy pain meds and antibiotics.

Due to the constant monitoring, the dog was able to recover after 12 days. It was really a big success seeing the dog’s condition on the first day. The dog was unable to contain her smile when she was in the arms of her savior, Dr. Karri.

The good news is that Violet was adopted after she recovered and she has a forever home with her new mother, Kelly, and her doggie sister, Peanut, who is just like her. The whole credit for saving Violet’s life goes to Dr. Karri.