Dog walks into police station and had a great time with the officers

Dogs can do anything and sometimes the situation becomes very funny. For instance, this particular dog has taken the internet by storm by his adventure. The regular day at the Odessa Police Department in Texas was made extraordinary when a dog entered the police station through the front doors.

The officers were taken aback. It was early in the morning. The dog even approached one of the officers in the coolest way. The officer named Sergeant Rusty Martin received the dog calmly. The unexpected visitor was not at all distressed so the officers played with him.

Sergeant Martin said that they were all excited to have him in the building. They had a tennis ball and threw it in the lobby for a bit. Everyone loved him. The officers wanted to find out the pup’s identity. The dog was wearing a collar and they thought that it would have an easy mission but the ID tag was missing.

It was then that they reached for the shelter to come for the microchip checking. But the German Shepherd after having good enjoyment in the police station decided to move out so he ran out as quickly as he came in. Later Sergeant Rusty Martin informed that the dog was fine and healthy and he was seen with his human dad.


The name of the dog was Chico and the officer said that the dog was welcomed back anytime. The sergeant wrote that the owner responded the next day that it was his dog and he had returned home. The dog lives a mile away from the station. The dog was given lots of love and attention at the police station. We fall in love with Chico. He was very sweet.