Stray dog saves injured woman from car accident, pulled her over 100ft to get help

Dogs are our guardian angels. Well, guardian angels are the spirits who protect, comfort, and support people. The dogs too protect us and support us, so they are our guardian angels.

It is not that our pets are our guardian angels even the stray dogs can be our guardian angels. Shannon Lorio experienced how dogs can be our guardian angels.

She was driving on a rural road late in the night when she lost control of her vehicle. She was ejected from the vehicle. After the crash, the woman was badly injured. She was unable to move.

As it was a remote area, there was no one on the road to help her. But as she was thinking, she felt the breath of the huge animal on her face.

Her guardian angel came in the form of a German Shepherd. It came out of nowhere to help her. The woman lost her senses and when she again came back to her senses, she felt how the dog was dragging her out. The dog caught hold of the hood of her jacket and dragged her more than 100ft to the edge of the road.

Thankfully, one passing car saw her and took her to the hospital. When Lorio recovered, she tried to find the dog who helped her. At last she was able to find him and she got him to the Humane Society. The dog was named Hero after he heroically saved the life of the woman.

He has a forever home with the rescue trainer, Heidy Drawdy. The dog now works as a certified search and rescue dog. According to Lorio, that dog, he had done everything, he is an amazing animal. She further said that she was his hero and he got his name. It is true that dogs are our guardian angels. When we are in need, they help us.

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