Cats and Dogs rescued from Afghanistan arrive in Canada to find forever homes

Unrest or chaos in any country not only affects the lives of the people but also the animals. The same thing happened in Afghanistan. After the Taliban, life is not the same there.

Many people ran to save their lives, leaving behind their pets. As the US army was evacuated last year, many animals were left behind. But thankfully many animal organizations came forward to help these animals.

They made many efforts to transport these animals to Vancouver, Canada. In these efforts SPCA International was helped by Kabul Small Animal Rescue, War Paws, Marley’s Mutt’s, Raincoast Dog Rescue Society, and Thank DOG I Am Out Rescue Society.

Kabul Small Animal Rescue took in 130 cats and dogs in which some were stray and others were left behind by owners. They along with SPCAI tried to evacuate the animals but unfortunately, the pets were not allowed on the plane. After that, they did not lose hope and after months of planning, they started the rescue operation on February 1 and named it ‘Mission Possible’.

The plane landed in Ankara at 11 pm and Kabul Small Animal Rescue informed that vets from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue were caring for the dogs and they would start their journey to Canada, stopping in Iceland and the UK along the way.

They further added that it was a long journey but with the best of care, they will be comfortable and when they land in Canada they will go to the receiving rescues.  After the long wait, the cats and dogs will be finally at their destination safe and sound.

It was the result of the efforts and hard work which save the lives of 285 cats and dogs. At present, the animals are held at a shelter. They will be either reunited with their families or find forever homes. It is great news that the animals are rescued from Afghanistan and they will soon find a forever home.