Man Rescues Dog that Is Filmed Being Dumped on the Side of the Road

Some people are very heartless that when they feel the pet is no longer useful to them, they don’t mind dumping it. But as there are devils so are angels who never leave any opportunity to help the animal in need.

Here is a story of a dog that was mercilessly ditched by the side of the road. The story has a happy ending. Thanks to the man who happened to see the videotape of the incident that went viral.

The incident goes like this – a cyclist in Itabira, Brazil saw a small brown and white dog that was being dumped by the side of the road. It was so disgusting of the owner to throw the dog like a piece of garbage.

The girl who witnessed the whole incident has no way by which she should carry the canine home. So she went home to get her auto to take the dog. But when she returned the dog was nowhere to be found. She looked for the dog for a few days but with no result.

At last, she posted the video online and wrote that she could not stop thinking about the dog and hoped that he was okay. Having moved by the video, many people helped her in her search for the dog including the man who himself went out to search the dog. They searched the dog for two days and finally, they were able to locate the dog.

The person who helped in finding the dog did not want to reveal his identity. A video was posted online which showed the rescued dog playing happily with his family.

In the video, the person says that this is the canine they saved. He is being looked after. Now he is having a home, food, and everything he needs.

The news outlet now asked the people to help select the name for the dog.

Really it is a happy news that the dog was finally rescued. All thanks to the evidence and the good Samaritan who went after to save the dog.