Heavily Pregnant Pit Bull Ready To Burst at Any Moment, Was Rescued at Right Time

It really inspired us a lot when someone help an animal in need. The same thing happened to One Pitbull who was helped when she desperately need help.

God created good people because he can’t be everywhere. So these good samaritans are found everywhere. They are always available when they find any animal in need of help.

So here is 1 good samaritan who found a poor dog in a field next to his leaving home. No sooner did he find the dog than he informed Hope for paws.

Hope for paws is a nonprofit organization based in California. As hope for paws took some time to come and rescue the Pitbull so the good samaritan looked after the Pitbull as she was pregnant in the last days.

The dog was really very lucky as he was in the last days of a pregnancy and it appeared that she could burst at any moment. The moment, the rescuers came, they took the dog to the hospital.

Then they checked to see if she had a microchip but unfortunately the dog did not have any. So the dog was named Waffles and after that, she was given a bath.

After that, the dog was taken to the home of one of the rescuers. There the dog gave birth. The dog became a mother to 6 cute puppies. The puppies were named Croissant, Hashbrown, Doughnut, Beignet, Sausage, and Pancake.

Really it’s quite heartwarming to know that the pregnant Pitbull was rescued just at the right moment. We really don’t know what would have happened to the Pitbull if she were not been rescued at the right time.

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