Video of penguins holding flippers while taking a romantic stroll is very adorable

It is still unknown whether animals can experience romantic love or not. But some proofs are there to show that some mammals are capable of experiencing the same range of emotions as we humans.

Here is a video to prove that even animals know how to express love. The two penguins holding flippers while they were walking along the beach are making everyone fall in love with them. They are stealing hearts all over the internet with their romantic gesture.

This romantic couple of penguins was spotted by a honeymooning couple Norma Landeros Ramirez and her husband on a South African beach. Norma said that as she and her husband were newlyweds so she wanted to see the penguins because they too keep one partner for life.

This breed of penguins which is found at Boulders Penguin Colony in Cape Town, Africa is known for its devotion to its partner. They not only keep one partner for life but they also take care of their babies together.

Though they are romantic in nature yet this type of encounter is very rare to witness in animals. As the penguins romantically walk on the beach, they look at each other for a moment, and their flippers and their faces form a heart shape.

The romantic moment was cherished by the newlywed couple as it was very special. Penguins are not the only romantic animals, even sea otters are known to be romantic as they hold hands to keep themselves close to each other while they are asleep.

The romantic nature of such animals is indeed very cute. We could learn something about love from these amazing creatures. This couple of penguins was setting romantic couple goals for us humans.

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