Rare white-faced fawn abandoned by mom at birth becomes happy at animal farm

Some animal babies find it difficult to survive due to rare conditions. It may so happen that they are rejected by their mom at the time of death. So it becomes all the more difficult to survive for the baby.

Here is a story of a rare fawn though very cute is abandoned by shortly after the birth by the mother. The reason for rejection was that he was born with a very unusual face. But the good thing for the fawn is that he found comfort at a local farm in Michigan.

The fawn was born with a very unique condition called piebald. In it, the animal has large patches on its body without pigmentation. The adorable deer is named Dragon. This rare deer was born at Deer Tracks Junction, which is a farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan. As he was having this rare condition, the deer was rejected by his mother shortly after his birth.

Now the deer is very happy and he is enjoying his life at the farm as some kind people are looking after him. According to Hilary Powell, Dragon’s adoptive mom, this type of animal is very rare to be found in the wild. This condition causes many different health risks and a whitetail deer rejects any baby that does not have a good chance of survival.

Their condition is like albino animals. Animals suffer a lot which are suffering from this rare disease. They are rejected by their groups and even worst, they are extremely vulnerable to predators due to their lack of camouflage.

Powell further said that they normally had a black nose. A pink-nosed animal cannot survive as the pink nose is sensitive to the sun and can get sunburn. The white color makes it difficult to hide from predators. The other thing is that this type of deer can’t hear or see as well as a regular deer.

But Dragon did not have to worry about all this as he is having a very protected life in the farm. He will enjoy a very long happy life in the farm.