Kind woman builds homemade shelters to help stray cats feel cozy in harsh winters

Winters are fast approaching and temperatures are starting to drop. We are blessed that we have warm homes to feel comfortable but the same cannot be said about the stray animals. Stray animals suffer a lot during the frigid weather.

At this time when stray animals badly need help, some kind people are willing to come and help these stray animals by providing warmth. One woman is quite busy during winters making handmade shelters for local feral cats.

The name of the woman is Candice Light, who is staying a home mom and business owner. She has a lot of stray cats in her Lubbock, Texas neighborhood. As the winters came and the stray animals suffer many problems, she decided to help the stray cats survive the cold weather.

She started making homemade feral cat shelters. She said that she had a ton of stray cats in the neighborhood that needed a warm place to sleep/eat, stay dry from the rain, snow, and chilly wind.

It is quite easy to make the shelter, all you need is a plastic tote, insulation, straw, and a cat bed. She even offered it to the people who could keep them in their yard only at the cost of $30, which is the cost of the material.

Candice further informed that she got many orders from people regarding the shelters. Some are ready to donate the products and others are ready to devote their time to make the shelters.

She started making the creative shelters last year. At first, she made four shelters which were quickly embraced by the cold kitties. The cats were really grateful to have even the simplest shelter to cozy up.

She further said that one of the stray cats even gave birth in those shelters. It was a great effort made by Candice and it helped the stray cats a lot during harsh winters. We hope that more people will come to these kinds of innovative ideas to help stray animals.

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