Women risk her life to save dog’s life from men who were trying to drown the dog

We know that not all superheroes wear capes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Like for this dog, the superhero saves her from two men who were trying to drown her.

Why some people are so cruel to animals is not known? But there are kind people who are ready to do anything to help the animals in need.

Here the kind woman was riding a bike near Millpond Road in Thomasville, Georgia when she saw two men holding something underwater in the stream. As she got closer to find what they were holding, she was shocked. The two men were trying to drown a dog.

The woman jumped to action to help the dog and scared away the men who immediately ran away. They sat in their truck and even tried to hit the woman with the truck as they sped away.

The woman then called the police and event the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society was informed who took the dog into their care.

The Humane Society was all praise for the woman who rescued the dog. The dog now named Miss Hicks was given full attention and care by the Humane Society.

It is not that the woman only saved the dog’s life but she even paid for the dog’s heartworm treatments and adoption fees. Though the dog was now in safe hands, yet the dog was shaken up by the attempted drowning. At the shelter, the dog was given a sponge bath, lots of praise, and pats to clean her up and calm her down.

The dog is now up for adoption and the humane society is hopeful that the dog will find a forever happy home. Thank you that brave and kind lady for saving the life of the dog.