Orangutan gives out his hand to help man stuck in the mud

All animals are kind and they show their kindness at different times. The orangutan is also regarded as a very incredible and kind species. They are one of the closest relatives to humans and that is the reason that they show remarkable intelligence and human-like qualities.

They know what danger is and are ready to help someone in danger. This is proved when one great ape lend his hand to a stranger to help him.

Anil Prabhakar lives in Indonesia and he is a nature photographer. He was greatly moved when he came to know about the struggles of orangutans who are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.

As he was very much interested to learn more about the struggles of orangutans, he received a tour from an organization called the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. He thought he would get to know more about the species and even hoped to capture some photographs.

Another danger to orangutans is venomous snakes and as he was on safari, he watched how a warden stepped up to clear the area of snakes to protect the apes.

As the man was doing so, he got stuck in the mud and after that, something incredible happened that captured his attention. An orangutan came and held out his hand to help the man get free.

He did not wait for a moment and captured the photo of the inspiring sight. He said that he saw an orangutan came very close to him and offered him his hand. He further added that he never expected something like that. According to him, that moment was very emotional.

He further said that he was very happy that moment had happened to him. But the man stuck in the mud did not accept the orangutan’s help as it was his duty to be a lifeguard to the animals and not to interfere with them. Moreover, the orangutan’s strong grip might have done more harm than good to him.

The warden just moved away from the orangutan. Later when asked why, he said that it was a wild animal and did not know how it would react.

It was an inspiring sight and Prabhakar liked it a lot. In fact, the photo was liked by everyone and it moved people to help this endangered species.

Really a very incredible photo! It is very inspiring and reminds us how compassionate orangutans are.