When a beloved Street cat died, locals put a statue of her in her memory

Stray cats sometimes become a special part of her life even though we know they don’t belong to us. Many places are filled with stray cats who have no owners but managed to survive thanks to the kindness of strangers. Some people are so kind that they made it a habit of caring for the strays providing them food and shelter.

We were talked about caring for stray animals, Turkey has a special place in it. Istanbul is particularly known for a large number of stray cats. They also have made a special documentary film Kedi based on the life of stray cats.

But of all the stray cats which roam in this Turkish City one managed to stand out with her unique attitude and the City ensured that she would be remembered for many years.

She became even more famous when photos of our iconic pose became viral. The name of the cat is Tombili who used to visit her favorite spot on the sidewalk in the district of Kadikoy.

She lived a very good life but sadly Tombilli died on August 1, 2016. Most stray cats would be forgotten but Tombilli was a really special cat and the citizens of Istanbul decided to honor her legacy as an icon of the Turkish stray cat world. Change.org petition was created to put up a statue in the memory of the late cat.

The petition reads that they wanted Tombilli to be remembered and not forgotten. The campaign was a success and an artist named Several Sahin volunteered to create the statue.

The statue depicted Tombilli in her famous pose and it was kept in her usual spot. The statue was unveiled on October 4, on the day of Animal Protection Day.