A wild dying fox saved by man became his best friend

Keeping wild animals at home and looking after them as the domesticated ones is not easy. Here is the story concerning Woody the fox and Yaroslav, the person who looked after the fox.

Woody was raised on a fur farm and it was destined what type of end he would meet. Yaroslav came into the ranch and he fell in love with Woody. But it was not that easy as in Russia having a hair ranch is rather legal in some locations.

He had a talk with the proprietors of the hair ranch and they agreed to give the fox to Yaroslav on the condition that he would certainly pay them the cost of what they would have obtained for his fur.

So Yaroslav did not waste the time and got Woody out of the ranch. In the initial days, Woody was not very happy to be with Yaroslav and did not wish to have any contact with anybody. Woody suffered due to a change in his environment.

Slowly, after two weeks, they started to form that connection. Woody remained with Yaroslav in his residence due to quarantine as foxes may bring diseases.

Then Yaroslav made a very special kennel for Woody so that he could spend his time outdoors. Woody was a very mischievous fox which made many passages there and went out also many times.

Yaroslav was a little worried about Woody as he knew that he would not be able to adjust himself in the wild. Woody had spent his time on a ranch so he was not prepared to live in the wild.

At present Woody is very happy as he is well fed and he eats natural products like meat, cottage cheese, fruits as well as veggies. His favorite food is Persimmon.

It is really difficult for wild animals to live a domesticated life as they are not household pets. For Yaroslav also it is not easy as foxes are not used to live as domestic animals. But what Yaroslav did for Woody deserves praise.