Beautiful squirrel family builds nest and takes nap together outside man’s window

Life gives us beautiful surprises. Some surprise encounters actually fill our life with joy and happiness. The same thing happened with Ludwig C. Timm who saw several twigs lying outside his bathroom window and at that time he had no idea that his next few months will be filled with great joy.

All this started a few months ago when Timm accidentally looked out and was surprised by what he saw. There was a family of squirrels building a nest right on his window sill. This was quite an amazing scene for Timm who is a wildlife photographer. It was like a blessing from heaven.

The German photographer recalled that at first, they thought the few twigs had been blown in there by the wind but then they saw the squirrel family building a nest.

It was a golden opportunity for him to know more about the interesting life of these furry creatures. So Timm decided to make full use of this opportunity and started filming their everyday life.

Timm considered it as a very nice coincidence as they chose that spot so that he could watch the squirrels grow up. After filming them for months, one day, Timm found that special moment which he had been waiting for a long time. He was able to capture them napping lovingly and cozily near the window door.

He considered himself very lucky to have been able to take the pictures of sleeping squirrels. According to him, most of the time they were inside the nest but on that day it was hot so they slept where he was able to see them.

But he was having only a phone in his hand and that’s why the pictures which he took were not of the quality he expected. The pictures were truly a masterpiece in the eye of an animal lover.