Wounded Army Veteran gets his service dog to be the best man at his wedding

Dogs provide great companionship and they are regarded as man’s best friend. At times they are more than your best friend, they are your best man.

Yes, best man like in the case of this veteran and his beloved service dog who was so much close to each other that when there was his wedding day, he wanted to involve his dog in a very special way and he did.

Justin Lansford from Silver Spring, Maryland is a US Army veteran. In 2012, he was sent to Afghanistan as a paratrooper and he suffered an accident.

In that accident, he had bilaterally severed femurs which resulted in the amputation of his left leg. As he was recovering in the hospital, Justin got an opportunity that changed his life. A group called Warrior Canine Connections provides support dogs to wounded servicemen.


Justin got a golden retriever named Gabe as his support dog. Gabe played a great role in making Justin adjust after he lost his leg. According to Justin, the dog helped him in doing small tasks without using the wheelchair and it was very comforting to know that the dog provided great help to him.

Justin felt that Gabe could be used as a stable surface to lean on as he got to and from the ground. If he fell, the dog would come up running to help him.

It was not only the help that Gabe provided, it was more than that. He was a source of emotional support for him. They became like friendship, Gabe was always there for him.

It was not like only Justin was impressed with Gabe, even his long-time girlfriend Carol who worked for Warrior Canine Connections was greatly impressed by Gabe and she knew that they shared a deep connection.


So when they decided to get married, Justin wanted Gabe to be a part of the wedding ceremony. He did not want him to be just a ring bearer or guest, Justin wanted his favorite dog to be on his side on his big day and gave him the position of honor, he made him his best man.

Justin felt that the dog followed him everywhere and that’s why he did not want his wedding to be different. The bride was more than happy to have Gabe in the wedding ceremony. She felt that he was a huge part of their life.

It shows how deeply connected we are with our pets. Sometimes they are more than just pets, they are our best men.