70 horses were saved from slaughterhouse by Country music legend Willey

Celebrities are loved by everyone. But if any particular celebrity just goes out of his way to help anyone makes him more special and famous.

Willie Nelson is one such big celebrity who is 85 years old but he is still going strong. At this age, he is still touring. He has over 30 movies as well as many books under his belt. But now this country music legend has done something to make him an animal hero. He did a great job after saving 70 horses from being slaughtered.

After saving the horses the singer, songwriter, poet, and activist has transferred those horses to his range in Texas called luck Ranch which is 30 miles from Austin. Now these lucky horses will get to roam a 700-acre ranch

According to Nelson, he felt that his horses are the luckiest in the world as they are hand-fed twice a day and now as they are saved from a slaughterhouse they are the happiest horses.

At this age when most people enjoy their time in retirement, this legendary country music star still spends around 200 days a year on the road.

When this star is not touring then he loves to drive his old pickup truck around Luck Ranch. Most of the horses which are there at his Trench are rescued by him when they were on their way to the slaughterhouse. So over the course of the past few years, this legend has saved around 70 horses’ lives.

It is really heartwarming to know that some celebrities use their fame and fortune for doing something good. Truly he is a legend and a hero and he is a great inspiration. Congratulations Sir, you have done a great job.