Wild Black Bear casually joins Family picnic and demands Sandwiches

When we think about wild animals, we think about how fearful they are. But what would be our reaction if any of the wild animals come and join us.

Recently, a family was on vacation when they were joined by a wild bear. They were at a remote woodland area in Maryland when they were met by a friendly black bear who decided to join them in their picnic.

He came and sat on the edge of the picnic table. A TikTok video posted by Kaitlyn Nesbit shows a black bear enjoying the picnic with the family.

Very patiently, the bear waited for a peanut butter sandwich which was fed to the bear by one of the men. Nesbit was just the onlooker who was watching everything in disbelief. The group continued to make the sandwiches for the bear who was sitting with them as one of the gang.

The bear was always around and it never bothered anyone. Nesbit said that they were told not to make sudden movements and stay where they had been. According to him, most of them were very much scared and filmed the incident from the deck.

The bear just emerged from the trees looking for food and then he joined the group of four men and a woman having a picnic. The group was very nervous as they were having their drinks as they looked at the hungry bear who was waiting to be served.

Then one man decided to bring a loaf of bread for the bear pointing to the bear to wait as the sandwich is being made as we are instructing a dog. When the sandwich was ready, the man held it for the bear who took it slowly from his hand. The group even hid the snack of beers from the bear.

At last, the bear walked back into the woods unharmed.