Stray Dog Guards His Pregnant Friend after it was hit by a car

Dogs are very protective. They can sense it when others need help and remain with them loyally. It is something which makes them really very special.

Here is the story of one stray dog who remained with the dog who met with a terrible accident proving his love for her. This incident happened in Muscoy, California where a German shepherd named Marley was struck by a speeding car injuring her badly with wounds on her elbows and leg.

After the accident, she was just lying on the side of the road in pain. No one was there to help her, cars passed by but no one came to help her. It was a miracle that a stray dog named Murphy came to be on her side.

He remained with the injured dog till the help arrived. An organization called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue received a call and immediately came to help the injured dog.

When the help came, it seemed very grim that whether the dog would survive or not as she was in great pain and distress. Marley was taken to the hospital where she was treated. Murphy remained by her side and did not leave her.

Then there was a twist, the x-ray revealed that Marley was pregnant with 11 puppies. She was shifted to the foster house after the recovery. She gave birth to healthy babies. There were 6 males and 4 females. All are doing fine in the foster.

Murphy used to visit Marley and once he found everything was fine, the rescue team helped him to find a loving home. Both Marley and Murphy are doing great. Congratulations to the people who saved their lives.