Previous Owner’s letter changed the mind of man regarding returning dog to shelter

We all know that dogs provide great company to human beings especially when we are alone and are looking for some companionship.

Here a man recently shifted to a new town where he found everyone warm and friendly. But still, something was missing in his life. He thought of a dog that would provide him great companionship and fill him with the void. In search of a dog, he went to a local shelter and he got a black lab named Reggie which needed a home.

There were some conditions of the dog to get adjusted as it would take up to two weeks for an adjustment. He too had two week return period in case Reggie and the man were not able to adjust. Unfortunately, he and his new adopted were not able to get along well. Actually, Reggie was not listening to what he was saying.

So he thought of contacting the shelter to return Reggie. As he was preparing to return Reggie by the end of two weeks, he saw a letter from Reggie’s previous owner. He was saddened to read the letter and this letter completely changed his mind.

The contents of the letter told the man that he handed that letter to the shelter on the condition that only Reggie’s new owner would open it. In the letter, the previous owner talked about the things which will help him to bond with the dog. The first thing is that he loves tennis balls a lot. The way he hoards the tennis balls make one think that he is a squirrel.

He usually has two in his mouth and tries to get a third in there. He advises never to throw the ball on the road as it is very dangerous. The letter further reads that Reggie knows the commands like – sit, stay, come, and heel. He knows some hand signals also.

Reggie was treated with small food and he likes little pieces of hot dogs. The person has gone to Iraq and the dog has been his inspiration to do something selfless. He further says that he would not be able to say a final goodbye to his Tank. At last, he wishes good luck with Tank and asks to give him a good home and an extra kiss good night from him.

The previous owner was Paul Mallory, who sacrifices his life in Iraq a few months ago and he might be earning a Silver Star posthumously for sacrificing his life to save three buddies.

After he read the letter there were tears in the man’s eyes, he looked towards the dog and called him by the name of ‘Tank’. The dog responded instantly and his eyes were bright.

Then the man asked him to bring some balls and the dog returned with three tennis balls in his mouth. The previous Owner’s letter changed the mind of the man regarding returning the dog to a shelter and they stay together. This story was really heartwarming and it really melts our heart to know how much he missed his previous owner.