Saved Ostrich who comforts Orphaned Elephants finds Best Friend

We make friends with our choice. Friendship is not limited by shape, size, or species. It is not having any boundary and it can happen anywhere.

Here is a story to prove it. Jotto the elephant and Pea the Ostrich are perfect examples to prove friendship. When Jotto was separated from his herd at that time he met Pea. At that time Jotto was only a month old.

As he was orphaned, he was taken to an elephant orphanage in Kenya by David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where he could heal till the time he was ready to adjust in the wild.

At that time, no one was having the idea that he would become best friend with Pea, the Ostrich. Actually, Pea was also a rescued bird which was rescued a few years back when the orphanage staff went to rescue a baby elephant and saw the poor bird and her brother Pod were in need of some help.

So the birds were also taken to the shelter along with the elephant. After some time, Pod returned to the wild but Pea decided to remain with the elephants.

Pea actually thought that she was part of the elephant herd and little Jotto enjoyed his company with the bird a lot. It is quite interesting to watch these beautiful creatures together and enjoying each other’s company at the Nairobi Nursery.

But it is sad that their beautiful friendship would come to an end once they heal and would be ready to return to the wild. But as long as they are together, they are a delight for everyone.