Read this cute love story between rescue fox and a bulldog

Humans beings are friendly to each other and they have best friends. It is not only human beings who form a strong bond but also the animals have a strong sense of companionship. Their friendship knows no barrier. A cat can become a friend of a dog or a dog can get friendly with the ducks.

Here is an interesting story of how a rescue fox became the best friend of a bulldog. These two buddies match each other and they became best friends. It goes like this, Pauline Ashanilla rescued a small, two-week-old foxie.

This abandoned baby was rescued by a couple who were unable to keep it and they were looking for a shelter house when they gave it to Pauline who is known for helping animals in distress.

She took the task of nursing the fox back to its normal health. In order to look after the cub, Pauline quit her job as a dog groomer. But her efforts were not in vain as soon the fox became healthy and it looks very pretty and it was named Marley.

Marley became familiar with another animal in the house that was a bulldog named Ernie. At first, Ernie was very much scared of the little fox. But soon they became best friends.

Now their bond is so strong that they are inseparable. They do a lot of things together like walking, sleeping. They play with each other. Reading about their friendship makes one’s day. This story really warms up our hearts as their bond is very strong and genuine.