Restaurant owner provides a Free Meal For Every Stray Dog Who Visits

Stray animals survive on the kindness of nice human beings. Many people are so kind and compassionate towards the animals that they don’t mind going the extra mile to help them.

There is one restaurant in Peru that became very popular among the locals, the reason being that its owner Gerardo Ortiz is providing free meals to stray dogs. Gerardo Ortiz still remembers one incident which happened 5 years back, when an unexpected customer came to his restaurant, Ajilalo.

The customer was a stray dog that looked hungry. He could have easily sent the dog away but he didn’t. That evening, Ortiz offered free food to the dog. It was the beginning of the tradition that continues even today.

So the dog started visiting the restaurant every evening and received a free meal from the restaurant. Ortiz’s kindness and generosity spread far and wide. Now more dogs started visiting the restaurant and Ortiz was more than happy to provide food to all his customers.

Many dogs come to fill their bellies with the meal provided by Ortiz. Many of them are regular customers while some are first-timers. Fortunately, the coming of the dogs has not affected Gerardo’s human customers. They are affectionate towards them. Gerardo feels that feeding stray dogs gives him immense joy.

For stray dogs, sometimes this is the only meal they had. We feel grateful to Gerardo for his generosity. We wish other restaurant owners should also start feeding the stray animals