Dog adopts a baby goat and loves him as her own puppy

Dog’s love is the purest form of love. The way a dog loves its owner is very special. It is not that a dog only loves his owner but sometimes he shares that love with other animals.

Sometimes they extend this devotion further.  There are stories about how a cat raised abandoned puppies or a dog looked after puppies that are not his. Sometimes they even care for the animals of other species like a dog raising a tiger cub or a monkey caring for a tiny puppy.

Here is another example of how love is more precious than anything else. This white German Shepherd adopted a baby goat and is looking after it as her own baby. She cuddles with pygmy goat and becomes happy whenever she sees the baby. The baby also snuggles close to her mother and likes to sit on the dog’s fluffy side.

According to Shepherd’s parents, Shadow that’s the name of the German Shepherd, had been looking after the baby as her own baby. She behaves like a proud mother when the adorable goat is around.

She loves to be close to the goat and shower her with lots of love and kisses. The baby goat also seems to be satisfied with her mom and it does not care for anything else when the German Shepherd is around.

We really feel when the baby goat will grow up,  she would be having a lot of fun with her mother. They will run and jump together and play together. But now we feel, Shadow is happy to look after the baby goat.