Two schoolboys used their umbrella to save a trapped cat

It gives us immense joy when we read about the rescue of an animal. All the animals need a good and normal life. Moreover, we feel good that there are still people who care about the animal. If the animal is rescued by the children then it becomes even more special.

Children are known for their innocence and simplicity. When they do something they do not have any selfish motive behind it.

Read this incident to know how two boys saved a tiny kitten. Two schoolboys were returning home from school when they saw a tiny kitten trapped on the canopy. The boys realized that they had to act very fast in order to save the kitten otherwise it would fall down.

They thought of the idea of holding the umbrella upside down so that the cat could jump over it. For some time they waited as the cat wandered on the red and white striped canopy.

Then the kitten crawled at the edge of the canopy and jumped inside the umbrella. In this way, two boys were able to help the kitten. The video showing this act has more than 8 million views and people are praising the two boys for their act.

Really those kids had done such a wonderful thing by helping the tiny kitten. They were very thoughtful and such kids can make the world a very better place.

Good job, boys!