61 dogs rescued on their way to slaughter house in Cambodia.

61 dogs were stuffed tightly in six small cages as they were going to a slaughterhouse. They were saved just in time and given a second life.

The dogs looked as they had been starving and crammed in metal cages were being taken to a slaughterhouse in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Thanks to the timely help, otherwise they would have become victims of the country’s meat trade.

The dogs were saved by the government-led interception and stopped the minivan as it was leaving the town of Siam Reap. After saving the dogs, the authorities also arrested the minivan’s driver.

Then the dogs were taken out of their cages and taken to an open area where they could stretch their body. The dogs are now under the protection of Four Paws, paw petrol Combodia, and Animal Rescue Cambodia. These groups are working together to provide food and care to the rescued dogs.

Most of the saved dogs showed signs of severe heat tiredness and dehydration. All the dogs were starving and it appeared that they may not have eaten for many days. Still, it was unclear how long they have been in the van.

For the time being the dogs will be kept in off-site premises where dogs will be kept until new homes are found for them.

It is the first interception led by the government to save the dogs in Cambodia. It sends a loud and clear message to traffickers that dog meat will not be tolerated now in Cambodia.