How China is responsible for the extinction of another beautiful creature?

Human greed is at its extreme and the effect of it is on nature. Many of the beautiful creatures have already left the world and many are on the brink of extinction. Even when the majority of the animals are wiped out then also humans won’t be satisfied because their greed, lust for money can’t be substituted.

Pangolin is one such creature. It is facing the danger of dying out. They are killed not only for their scales but also for their meat in China. Many of us won’t be knowing about this beautiful mammal. So let’s try to understand this animal.

Pangolins are nocturnal mammals. They can climb trees and are good swimmers. Their diet consists of insects like termites and ants. They don’t have teeth so they use their long snouts and tongues to eat the insect.

As they eat up the insects, they play a great role in the ecosystem. They have large scales on their skin which act as a protective layer for them. They are the only mammals to have scales on their body. They are even called the scaly anteater. The scales are made up of keratin, the same material that made our hair and nail. And unfortunately, they are hunted and poached for their scales. The reason we will discuss in this article.

Their scales which make them unique have turned out to be a bane for them. Their scales are used in traditional Chinese medicines though there is no scientific proof in it like the horns of the rhinos. The traditional Chinese medicines believed to heal problems like lactation difficulties to arthritis. They are killed not only for their scales but also for their meat in China and Vietnam which is considered to be very tasty.

For their scales, they are subjected to unimaginable cruelty. In order to protect themselves from any attack, they used to coil up. It was effective in case of natural predators but poachers are having long knives with them and they used to continuously beat them until they are motionless. When they are bleeding, they are thrown into a pot of boiling water and boiled alive.

Firstly beating an innocent animal and then boiling it alive is really disgusting and such a crime can’t be pardoned.

Pangolins are poached every year to such an extent that they are facing the threat of EXTINCTION.

The only permanent solution to stop this is a PROPER BAN ON TRADE OF WILDLIFE. Here our role is to be vigilant and try to stop every single activity involving the exploitation of animals.